Amelia Island offers so many opportunities to enjoy its beauty and to participate in ones favorite sport. Whether it is beach walking, bicycling, golf or tennis Amelia Island is a great place to live. Golf courses abound, but tennis courts have been limited. In 2009, we local tennis players lost the availability of 6 courts at the Ritz-Carlton. The hotel had to make room for an expanded campus including a major ball room addition. The courts had offered opportunity for competitive team tennis as well as social tennis. A group of dedicated players decided to work together to find a solution to their dilemma. They found an ideal partner and location. Tucked in the beautiful oak woods off Buccaneer trail is the Kraft Athletic Club. It has some history. In 1954 a group of 20 employees at the Kraft Corporation Paper Mill contributed $500 each to buy 10 acres of property along the Amelia River. The goal of the group was to offer a place for athletic activities and socialization. The tennis group approached the existing club and proposed creating an additional non-profit group to focus on tennis and utilize the available land. In 2009 Kraft Tennis Partners was formed. The money was raised through the contributions of 110 players. Five Har Tru courts were open for play January 1, 2009. Through the volunteer efforts of the members a great many amenities have been added. There is a convenient club house, a shaded patio and viewing area adjoining some of the playing courts. League matches are played on a regular basis. The club is committed to the community and hosts Quick Start programs for youngsters, fund-raisers for community non-profits and supports Yulee Youth Tennis.